US declares coronavirus outbreak a public health emergency

The World Health Organization’s decision to declare the 2019 novel coronavirus a public health emergency of international concern I have today declared that the corona virus presents a public health emergency in the United States beginning at 5:00 p.m. 

Eastern Standard Time Sunday February the second the United States government will implement temporary measures to increase our abilities to detect and contain the connote the coronavirus proactively and aggressively any US citizen returning to the United States who has been in Hebei province in the previous 14 days will be subject to up to 14 days of mandatory quarantine to ensure.

They’ve they’re provided proper medical care and health screening additionally the president has signed a presidential proclamation using his authority pursuant to section 212 F of the Immigration and Nationality Act temporarily suspending the entry into the United States of foreign nationals who pose a risk of transmitting the 2019 novel corona virus as a result foreign nationals other than immediate family of US citizens and permanent residents who have traveled in China within the last fourteen days will be denied entry into the United States for this time.

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