The Hope is the situation will end soon Coronavirus Quarantine Described

You in gamma science a little town in the south west of Germany thank ya I’m here in quarantine with like 130 other people talking to you from a little bit province specifically I mean we’re all fifty kilometers away from Wuhan I’m one of the presenters now on board of dream.

Walter in truth I’m at Miramar Navy corporate Air Force Base for 14 days quarantine this is our first day we have this one building that is surrounded by a barrier so yeah nothing can get out in this company fast we are allowed to do anything inside offense but not allowed to go outside the CDC personnel come check us temperature twice a day we are not feeling good but I think in terms of the mood but much better than the first day where we just arrived it we are we were not allowed to to learn because of the health problem because of some of the confirmed cases of coronal virus from the previous crews.

You can’t you can’t get out of the city people are not even really going to supermarkets and if you do go to a supermarket you get a get one of those thermometer guns the face make sure gear showing any symptoms before you’re allowed to go into the supermarket so people you know people are very concerned they don’t we have TV Wi-Fi of course you go can go for little walks around the building together something like that right there aren’t really yeah like people aren’t really meeting a lot yeah contact is limited people are up in their their personal hygiene washing their hands using hand sanitizer masks everything so the hope is that with all of these measures the quarantine and just how how China citizens are dealing with this the hope is that this situation will end soon.

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